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J Jodi Byrne is a local Cincinnati Makeup artist whose love of art began as a child watching her father and brother draw and create. Her love of make-up continued in elementary school when her mother began throwing AVON parties at home. She began experimenting in the mirror on herself and on her friends. Her love for art and make-up grew into a passion and fascination with the ability to transform people into characters. When she was just 7, she saw an article on how Hollywood make-up artists transformed a 7yr. old actress from "Happy Days" into a 70 year old woman with prosthetics, wig, and fake teeth. She was hooked!

In High School, she was art club president and experimented in many mediums. Through her art teacher she became interested in learning the art of airbrush. After graduation she went on to take a course in airbrush taught by well respected artist Michael Dougherty -owner of Anything Airbrushed (she worked for him for 10 years, managed his studio and occasionally still freelances for him) She attended Moore Universite of Hair Design and earned her managing cosmetology license.

Fresh out of school she wanted to learn more about make-up artistry and went on to work at Glamour Shots (Photography Studio) for 4 years. There she learned a lot about make-up application (and lighting) by working on many face shapes, structures and colors. She became a trainer after a couple of years there.

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Exploring different career options she worked for Sebastian's cosmetic line Trucco, Smashbox Cosmetics,Shiseido and Chanel. She then assisted a friend on set for a video production and a jewelry ad photo shoot and realized she had found the career path she wanted to follow.

She started freelancing for Redna Productions(Kibby Raynor) working on Proctor & Gamble product based industrial videos. She worked with Director Alphonzo (Zo) Wesson, a director who recognized her passion for her craft and helped her expand and grow in the Cincinnati area.

All the while continuing to perfect her art and airbrush skills which seemed to intertwine together with her passion for make-up. Thus the creation of ILLUSIONS IN MAKE-UP & ART. Her own freelance company specializing in the transformation of a blank canvas in any form (skin, paper, clothes,canvas, metal, etc.)into a work of art.

She has worked for many local news stations,industrial and independent films to big blockbusters (such as "Traffic, Avengers, Funsize, Alex Cross, and the ides of march ") and many commercials, print and theatrical productions in between. She has worked with many celebrities and gives the same attention to all of her clients.

She is a dedicated, professional, and creative make-up artist. For any of your beauty, character make-up, basic special effects needs, for film, commercial, video, print, theatrical or personal make-up/art contact Jodi.


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Cincinnati Makeup Artist Jodi Byrne

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